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Cut the Average Talk Time & Handling Time by 40%.

Allow call center agents to video stream client's web browser window
& instruct the client by creating a live tutorial with arrow and highlights.

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No installation needed. Works in any browser, desktop or mobile.

Connect to client web browser

Connection to client browser happens seamless, instanltly. The call center agent will see exactly what the user problem is and instruct him by voice or drawing arrows on the client screen to show the solution to his/her problem.

No addon, plugin or other extra software is needed

The connection is instant and it happens with the clients accord. The clients doesn't need no extra software to be installed in order to benefit from support, making the interaction seamless and ultra fast.

Agents can draw instructions on client's screen

The ability toi attact the client's attention to next step directly onto the screen the create a visual layer of communication that makes the interaction faster and reduces friction or communication difficulties.

Agents will be able to solve faster any problems

By telling and showing the customer the next steps, solution time decreases while the customer gets the satisfaction to solve the problems while learning to self service.

Sensitive data is NOT transmitted

In order to protect the clients' privacy, sensitive data will not be streamed to call center agent.

Cut average handling time
boost your KPIs.

Empowering the call center agents to solve problems faster and not based only on verbal skills can boost theri productivity while making the customers happy with the resolution to their problem.

The solution empowers the customer to self service, like a training making it easier for them to solve their problems in the future without calling to the call center.
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